Wood Solar Systerm Educational Kit


Ignite a passion for astronomy and exploration with our Wood Solar System Educational Kit – a captivating and interactive learning tool crafted to inspire young minds in the marvels of our solar system.

Product Description

Embark on an extraordinary journey through space with our Wood Solar System Educational Kit – a revolutionary learning experience that transcends traditional models. This innovative kit seamlessly integrates solar power technology, offering an eco-friendly and sustainable approach to education.

At its core lies a solar panel that powers a small motor, bringing the solar system to life as the planets gracefully orbit around the sun. This dynamic feature not only adds excitement and realism but also provides a tangible understanding of orbital mechanics.

But the learning doesn’t stop there – the Wood Solar System Educational Kit includes a comprehensive educational booklet, packed with detailed information about each planet, their characteristics, and their place in the solar system. This invaluable resource serves as a guide for children to expand their knowledge and deepen their understanding of astronomy.

In addition, a set of engaging activities encourages hands-on learning and experimentation, further enhancing the educational experience. Whether in the classroom or at home, this kit sparks curiosity, fosters a love for science, and promotes critical thinking skills.

With its combination of visual appeal, interactive features, and educational content, the Wood Solar System Educational Kit is more than just a model – it’s an immersive learning adventure. By harnessing the power of the sun, it not only teaches children about the wonders of the solar system but also instills a sense of environmental consciousness, paving the way for a brighter future.


0.12 kg


185 × 130 × 40 cm



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