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All of our Baby Rompers are sourced from the United Kingdom and undergo quality testing for durability, longevity, and safety.
We stock Baby Rompers from all shapes and sizes.
We offer a variety of Baby Rompers in different shapes and sizes, ranging from traditional to contemporary and unique designs.

Why Jones Baby Comforters?

Jones baby comforters realized the monopoly that nationwide and international companies hold on an industry with so many independent creators of Baby Rompers.
Using our platform, digital marketing team and business development experience, we are looking to change the way Baby Rompers. companies are displayed and advertised.
Rather than allow large companies to continue to monopolize the industry, we are using our skills and experience to allow the Baby Rompers designers to thrive.
We do not wish to create a monopoly of our own. Instead, we want to achieve complete visibility for tens if not hundreds of Baby Rompers stores that would not have the platform otherwise to benefit from the visibility large companies currently enjoy.
We should also make clear that our Baby Rompers are made with love and care. Not just the materials and the hand-made creations of it, but also the thought in the design and articulation of the products themselves. They are made with passion, love and ingenuity of the stores and creators themselves.

Our commitment to customers

Our dedication and commitment is to our customers and boutique creators first and foremost. We make sure to provide customers with their beloved Baby Rompers quickly and efficiently, with a safe payment process and delivery of product. We know how important it is for customers to receive their products in a prompt fashion, so we will ensure proper packaging is used alongside efficient delivery services.
As for our Baby Rompers designers and suppliers, we ensure they too will receive the best care and service from our side.
Our Baby Rompers are handmade, using durable materials that are designed to last while looking beautiful.
We believe that the Baby Rompers should be made from durable fabric while choosing an endearing palette of colours.
Since we have been operating, we have understood the need to advertise and distribute Baby Rompers that have been created by small, boutique stores.
Larger chains and corporations have dominated the market which has made it impossible for smaller stores to operate outside of obvious sites, so we are glad to showcase these Baby Rompers for the mainstream audience.
We have scoured the UK to find the most unique hand-made Baby Rompers.
We have Baby Rompers of all colours, sizes, and materials alongside designs you will only find in the creator’s stores. They also get the lions share of the profits, meaning that you can be sure the people who profit are the creators themselves.

What makes our Baby Rompers special?

With the creation of new manufacturing tools and cheaper processing, companies and individuals can create Baby Rompers that have different designs for different purposes. 50 years ago, you would need to go to an artist to have a personalised baby comforter created, whereas now you can order them online from us or elsewhere.
Our products Baby Rompers are special for a variety of reasons but the most important is the new designs. They are like art. They are durable and good looking just like any other baby comforter, but they are created with the customer in mind.
The more common Baby Rompers you are familiar with are sold, but we try to stock as many special designs as possible.
We know that for many people holding many special designed baby clothes and comforters for their kids to grow and find is very significant. So, you need to find Baby Rompers that are personalised and solid to last long. This is what we are trying to provide for our customers.
All the Baby Rompers that you purchase will be part of the childhood memories that you keep for your kid.

Why buy our Baby Rompers rather than name brands?

There are similar (and larger) sized companies that have more of a reputable name that you could buy your new Baby Rompers from. However, we pay our suppliers the highest market rate, meaning that our suppliers make a higher profit margin than we do. That is because we recognize that we wouldn’t exist without them.
In addition to the profits being passed onto our suppliers, we also pride ourselves on the quality of Baby Rompers that we provide customers.
Handmade, cute and long lasting Baby Rompers are a must have, and we want all customers to get them at an affordable price.

What makes our Baby Rompers better than others?

Our Baby Rompers are better because they are made by unique businesses across the United Kingdom.
Our Baby Rompers are created by local suppliers in Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England. The products are also inspired and designed by the creativity of those local companies.
Every Baby Rompers that we sell is an extension of the creator themselves. Their personality and artistry are poured into the design and creation of these baby comforters.
They are a labour of love for our suppliers, and they have ensured every effort to make the highest quality Baby Rompers while looking beautiful in any kid`s room.
It is also important that we support businesses and suppliers in the United Kingdom. We want to support local businesses and our Baby Rompers are only purchased from local businesses. This ensures quick and safe delivery while also providing a genuine service to the communities that we live in.

Why buy our Baby Rompers?

Sleep Aid: Using a Baby Rompers might help your child adjust to independent sleep more quickly. They may easily grab for it and calm themselves back to sleep if it is maintained within reach during the night.
A feeling of safety: A Baby Rompers can aid your baby or toddler not only during bedtime, but also at other times when they are sad, feeling sick, the arrival of a new sibling, time away from home, and time in child-care are all excellent occasions for your child to have a baby comforter.
Can be used as a toy: Our Baby Rompers are small and soft enough for babies to cuddle and play with as toys. They contain exciting colours and designs that keep the kids attracted to them and engaged with them which makes the kid`s brain function the same as when given a little toy.
To have a hobby: Gardening can be a fun and rewarding hobby. Caring for your plants with Baby Rompers allows you to learn more about plant care and enjoy the process of watching your plants grow and thrive.

Best thing about our Baby Rompers

One of the best things about Baby Rompers is that they allow you to choose the design for your kid, building it on the room decoration or what you feel is your kid`s favourite colours or maybe Disney characters.
Baby Rompers also allow you to give the kid a feeling of home as his brain automatically relates the baby comforter to feeling safe and at home.
Another great thing about our Baby Rompers is the ability to take it with you everywhere as the fabric is strong and durable; it is also not heavy and easy to pack.
Even the kid will feel at ease while putting the Baby Rompers on because it is soft and smooth.


Most frequent questions and answers
One of the questions we are often asked, with an easy answer. Our Baby Rompers are created and hand-made by small, independent boutique stores around the United Kingdom. They have the passion, desire, commitment and ingenuity to create such beautiful baby comforters, and we simplify the platform for you to find them!

This is dependent on the store itself. Every store has their own delivery dates, and they will be displayed on the product page itself. Jones Baby Comforters product delivery time will have a different delivery window than another’s store, but the delivery dates themselves will be accurately displayed during the order process.

Each store has a different return policy, but the general rule of thumb is 30 days with notice depending on the reason. If the Baby Rompers that you ordered arrives damaged or you got the wrong product, then a replacement is possible. For other reasons, contact us.
Depending on the store that you purchase from, you will have a 14-day window to replace your Baby Rompers with a product of the same price or cheaper. Unfortunately we cannot offer anything else as of right now.
You can pay for your Baby Rompers by card. We will offer PayPal and other forms of payment soon.
Worldwide Shipping

We deliver our baby comforters to anywhere in the world. If we have customers showing love for our products, we will deliver.

Highest Quality

All of the baby comforters we supply are of the highest quality and materials. This will ensure babies` well-being and entertainment.

Best Offers

You will struggle to find any other unique baby comforters in the United Kingdom or worldwide that is hand-made like ours.

Secure Payments

We ensure that all of our customers receive their baby comforters in an efficient manner through our safe and secure payment systems.