100x110cm Flannel Infant Nap Blankets


Introducing our 100x110cm Flannel Infant Nap Blankets, the ultimate solution to keeping your little one cozy and content during nap time! Crafted with the utmost care from soft and gentle flannel material, these blankets are designed to offer unparalleled comfort for your baby.

Product Description:

Discover the pinnacle of comfort and warmth for your precious little one with our 100x110cm Flannel Infant Nap Blankets. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these blankets are specifically designed to cocoon your baby in a world of softness and security during nap time.

Crafted from luxuriously soft and cozy flannel material, our nap blankets offer the perfect combination of warmth and comfort for your baby’s delicate skin. The generous size of 100x110cm ensures that your little one has ample space to move around and stretch out, promoting a peaceful and undisturbed rest.

Whether you’re at home or on the go, our nap blankets are an essential companion for any parent striving to create a tranquil and restful environment for their infant. The high-quality flannel fabric is gentle and soothing, providing your baby with the ultimate relaxation experience wherever they may be.

Indulge your baby in the unparalleled comfort of our 100x110cm Flannel Infant Nap Blankets, and experience the joy of seeing them peacefully nestled in warmth and security during their precious nap times.


0.32 kg


300 × 200 × 40 cm


Beige , Gray , Khaki , Pink

Size Specification


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